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We supply aluminium extrusions to Fullex Locks Limited.

Fullex Locks Limited, a designer and manufacturer of high-security locks, wished to streamline the manufacture of their double door locking system, which incorporates a high quality finished aluminium extrusion.

The product had been traditionally manufactured in-house, which required managing the sourcing of the extrusion, arranging the finishing and eventually fabricating the extruded aluminium component on-site. The process was time-consuming, and demand patterns regarding the surface finish were unpredictable. Fullex Locks decided to seek an alternative solution.

Providing Solutions

We took on the challenge of providing a supply solution to meet Fullex Locks' requirements. The team at Smiths Profiles, working closely with management at Fullex Locks, appraised the customer need and with our extensive experience in the architectural aluminium sector, we were able to provide a solution as a 'one-stop shop' supplier. Our approach ensured the integrity of the final component's quality and satisfied the need for flexibility in responding quickly to changes in the fashion for coloured finishes.

Improved Supply Route

With Smiths Profiles stock arrangements, this supply route enables a fast response to fluctuating supply patterns, thus ensuring the product's success in the marketplace.

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