We offer a broad range of finishing and colour painted options for your extrusions and profiles.

Finishing Options

Smiths Profiles is a 'one-stop shop' for the supply of aluminium profiles and extrusions.

Our ultimate objective is to offer a supply route where the extrusions are finished and fabricated to the highest possible standards whilst minimising the overall cost to the customer. We achieve lower prices per piece by co-operation between the supply partners to design for optimum production efficiency, design for lowest fabrication and assembly complexity and manage inventory costs by ensuring supply consistency and short lead-times.

Immediate Use

We offer a wide range of finishing options to ensure you receive your aluminium extrusions ready for immediate use.

Our finishing services creates a single supply source that gets you ahead in the supply chain process. Please click on one of the images below to discover more.

  Our Finishing Options

Comprehensive Supply

Unlike many suppliers, we stock amd supply products which are ready for immediate use. We supply aluminium profiles that are ready to go.

Supply chain services can be frustrating at times. Often, customers may source the product but then have to outsource finishing operations to a third party or undertake the operations in-house. Smiths Profiles removes these frustrations by offering extruded products and finishing services to support your supply chain.

   Finishing Services

Why Choose Us?

We offer a complete design service, and we will discuss your requirements in detail to supply you with extrusions that will meet all your design considerations.

Designing aluminium extrusions requires careful consideration of wall thickness, section strengthening, and finish to cope with the forces and elements encountered in their application. Our expertise ensures that you will receive products accurately and in prime condition.

We use suppliers who share our vision regarding the quality of products and how we sell the products.

Our quality management system (QMS) is fully embedded into our business systems to ensure we offer the best possible product quality and comprehensive traceability.