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Case Studies

High Strength Extrusions

High-Quality Extruded Aluminium Products

6060 aluminium is an excellent aluminium extrusion product with attractive performance characteristics.

6060 aluminium alloy is an excellent choice as an extruded material due to its many attractive performance characteristics, making it a popular extruded product in today’s marketplace.

The material benefits from high impact strength and offers the highest surface quality, which means that the finished extruded product is ideal for decorative applications. It is the alloy of choice where the overall aesthetic appearance is critical. 6060 aluminium also offers good corrosion resistance, especially in neutral and slightly acidic environmental conditions.


Whilst machinability is fair, the formability of 6060 aluminium is excellent, and the weldability of the alloy is also superior. The alloy is highly suitable for decorative anodising.

6060 Aluminium Extrusion Datasheet

Commercial Applications

6060 aluminium is a great ‘all-rounder’ and is the extruded alloy of choice for any application where the highest possible quality surface appearance is required. 6060 aluminium is a perfect choice for manufacturing furniture, picture frames and architectural fascias. While overall strength is good, more suitable alloys are available when strength is considered crucial.

All Smiths Profiles extrusions (including 6060) are hardenable, which means they receive their finished strength through a solution or precipitation heat treatment.

Product Overview

    High impact strength
    Excellent surface quality
    Good corrosion resistance
    Excellent formability
    Highly suited to decorative anodising
    A good ‘all rounder’

    Picture Frames

    Sawing, mitres & deburring
    Slotting, drilling & tapping
    Powder coating

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