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Improved Surface Finish

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We supply anodised aluminium extrusions, creating a smoother finish that is ideal for decorative applications.

The anodising of aluminium extrusions is a broadly accepted surface treatment that offers the customer numerous benefits.

Attributes are widespread – for example, anodising results in a more even appearance, and the process increases corrosion resistance. The finished material is smoother with a more aesthetically pleasing finish making the extrusion suitable for decorative applications. Anodising also offers a good base for adherence to glue or paint.

Anodising Steps

The most common form of anodising is natural anodising. The process covers four basic steps – firstly, the material goes through a chemical or mechanical heat treatment where the surface is cleaned before the last two steps, which is dying and sealing.

Sealing is required because the oxide coating formed in the anodising process contains pores, and sealing will result in a smooth and even finish. The oxide coating is transparent, and the finished aluminium extrusion will have a matt or semi-matt appearance.

Colouring, Drilling, Milling & Welding

The colouring of anodised material is a separate operation. Aluminium extrusions that go through the natural anodising process can be coloured by using organic or inorganic colour pigments. After colouring, the extrusion will be sealed.

After the anodising oxidation process, the material will have higher corrosion resistance and will require little in the way of upkeep as long as the surface is kept clean. Note that welding of the extrusions should take place before anodising. The same applies to milling and drilling since anodising would result in exposed untreated sections after this process.

Key Features

    Can be coloured using organic or inorganic pigments.

    More even appearance which benefits from improved corrosion resistance.

    All operations should take place prior to the anodising process so that no untreated sections are exposed.

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