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Medium Strength Extrusions

High-Quality Extruded Aluminium Products

Our 6082 aluminium extrusions offer medium strength combined with excellent corrosion resistance.

Known in commercial terms as a structural alloy, 6082 aluminium is a medium strength alloy that offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Our product offers the highest strength of all 6xxx series aluminium alloys and is the most commonly machined material. The strength of the material is a direct result of the introduction of a large amount of manganese which controls the grain structure, increasing overall strength as a result. This improved strength has resulted in the decline in the use of 6061 in favour of alloy 6082.


A few limitations exist - 6082 aluminium is unlikely to produce more intricate and complicated extrusions with thinner walls. The extruded surface is not as smooth as either compared to other 6xxx series extruded products. However, the strength of the material combined with excellent resistance to corrosion and good machinability makes it an ideal extruded product for structural applications.

6082 Aluminium Extrusion Datasheet


6082 extrusions are available in T6, O, T4 and T651 tempers. The alloy is used commonly in structural and load-bearing applications such as bridges, cranes, roof trusses and other highly stressed applications.

Product Overview

    Medium strength alloy
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Highest strength of all 6xxx series alloys
    Good machinability
    Ideal for structural applications

    Load bearing applications
    Highly stressed applications
    Roof trusses

    Sawing, mitres & deburring
    Slotting, drilling & tapping
    Powder coating

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