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We stock 6005 & 6005A aluminium in the T5 temper, which find use in various commercial applications.

6005 and 6005A aluminium are common construction alloys that are hardenable and can be extruded and used in a wide range of commercial applications.

Whilst pure aluminium is inherently a soft material, the alloys’ strength increases by alloying with one or more additives or cold treatment. The introduction of magnesium in the alloying process of 6005 aluminium and 6005A aluminium alloys increases the hardening effect.

Good Ultimate Strength

Both 6005 and 6005A aluminium have good overall ultimate strength, and 6005A has improved impact strength. The weldability of both these alloys is also superior. Both alloys are suitable for decorative anodising.

6005/6005A Aluminium Extrusion Datasheet

Commercial Applications

6005A aluminium extrusions differ slightly from 6005 alloy due to higher overall impact strength. Alloy extrusions of this type find use in applications such as engineering and structural profiles. For more information regarding 6005 / 6005A aluminium extrusions, please read our technical datasheet (in PDF file format) – click the download button to view.

Product Overview

    Good overall ultimate strength
    Wide range of commercial applications

    Transport Trims
    Structural Profiles (6005A)

    Sawing, mitres & deburring
    Slotting, drilling & tapping
    Powder coating

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