We offer supply packages which are customised to your business needs.

Improve Your Supply Chain

A simple supply arrangement will generally suffice with no special requirements.

But in today's competitive marketplace, more customers are exploring the possibilities of receiving more significant levels of service. Continual investment in our unique IT platform has allowed us to develop an unrivalled range of purchasing options and supply chain innovations that combine in many different ways to create a bespoke supply package.

Explore the Possibilities

In this section, we look at how our bespoke supply packages work and why adopting one can revolutionise your supply chain. We also explore how our supply packages offer numerous customer benefits, directly impacting efficiency and through-costs.

Finally, we provide genuine examples of how Smiths Profiles customers have adopted individually tailored supply packages.

  How it works?

Flexible Supply

Bespoke supply solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business. Bespoke supply packages can be whatever you want, relating to size, variety, and content.

Examples can be as simple as bespoke labelling or as complex as total inventory management with line-side delivery. The options are endless, and we tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. No two packages are the same, but they all share the same goal – to make the supply chain more efficient whilst promoting reduced costs.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer a complete design service, and we will discuss your requirements in detail to supply you with extrusions that will meet all your design considerations.

Designing aluminium extrusions requires careful consideration of wall thickness, section strengthening, and finish to cope with the forces and elements encountered in their application. Our expertise ensures that you will receive products accurately and in prime condition.

We use suppliers who share our vision regarding the quality of products and how we sell the products.

Our quality management system (QMS) is fully embedded into our business systems to ensure we offer the best possible product quality and comprehensive traceability.