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Architectural Extrusions

High-Quality Extruded Aluminium Products

We stock 6063 & 6063A aluminium extrusions in T1, T4 and T5 tempers.

Commonly supplied in T1, T4 and T5 tempers, 6063 aluminium extrusions are among the most popular commercially produced extruded products.

It is known as an architectural alloy due to the materials' aesthetically pleasing finish, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring a high level of finish. Anodising is easy due to the materials' smooth surface making the alloy a popular choice in extruded architectural shapes. The material offers excellent corrosion resistance, particularly to stress corrosion.

Further Characteristics

6063 aluminium promotes good weldability, although post-weld heat treatment may be required around joints due to material softening. The mechanical properties of the alloy can vary greatly depending on the temper. 6063A aluminium extrusions offer the same characteristics as 6063 but with greater strength.

6063/6063A Aluminium Extrusion Datasheet

Commercial Applications

6063 aluminium finds use in a wide range of architectural applications such as window frames, shop fittings, balustrading and architectural fascias. 6063A shares these commercial applications, and due to the alloy's greater strength, the extrusions can also be used in areas such as rail and road transport and extreme sports.

Product Overview

    Easily anodised
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Good weldability
    Aesthetically pleasing finish

    Shop fittings
    Window frames
    Road & Rail

    Sawing, mitres & deburring
    Slotting, drilling & tapping
    Powder coating

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